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Friday, 01 May 2009 02:03
A picture of our church.

We are a relatively young church family. Most married couples are in their twenties or thirties. Many are professionals with American middle class values. We do have a few older couples, whom we love greatly. We have a lot of children in our congregation. We are a mixed congregation with several different races represented. We do not believe in racial segregation.

We greatly appreciate visitors and treat them as honored guests. We will provide follow up visits if desired, but we do not believe in "pestering" our visitors! Some just come to see what we are all about. We feel that we have a warm, loving and friendly congregation. We welcome suggestions.

The local church in Leavenworth, Kansas, was founded in 1926 by apostolic believers who wanted the truth preached. The first meeting house was at 222 Spruce St. The congregation later moved to 1019 Osage, where a two story house was converted into a church and pastored for many years by Pastor and Sis. M. Hendrickson. In 1970 a church building was purchased at 1524 10th Ave under the pastorate of William Pickle. Between 1970 and 1984, the congregation was pastored by a number of ministers, including Joseph Campbell, the late Marvin Arnold, and Preston Vaughn. Pastor William Chalfant became pastor in 1984. During his ministry, the church bought the present property at 79 Ash in Leavenworth, and serves both Leavenworth and Lansing.